Winter Warmer :: 2-Day Itinerary

When you come to town, you know you are going to want to drink, eat, and explore so we at the Fernweh are offering you an exclusive way to do it for half the price! What, you say? This can’t be true?! Well it is and it is called the Winter Warmer! Available at the Fernweh or online, this little gem gives you 2-for-1 bargains on drinks you would already be having, all over town, and it is only $10!!!! It literally pays for itself after 1 cocktail! And for a miniscule extra $5, get one of our very own Fernweh stemless wine glasses! Valid from now until March 1st, so stay cozy, but not dormant, with this booklet because we have weaved together a two day itinerary for your drinking endeavo

Staff travels :: HAWAII

After a crazy semester full of school and work, I was lucky enough to follow my Fernweh to Hawaii for winter break. This was my first time ever being there, and I now understand why so so many people choose to travel there every year! It has a perfect balance of relaxation and adventure which makes for a really great vacation. We started off on the island of Oahu by spending the first couple of days enjoying the beaches. I really just wanted a little time to do absolutely nothing but lie in the sun and listen to the ocean. We asked around to discover the locals' favorite beaches because Waikiki was a little too crowded for me. We were pointed to Makaha Beach Park where it was quiet and full

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