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CRAFT BEER :: "Why We Love Fort Collins" Series

It's no secret, May was an unusual month of an abundance of RAIN here in the Fort, and it had us and our sunshine-hubris feeling that perhaps we are no better than the sunless saps in the Pacific Northwest! (Sorry, PNW friends) Well, the clouds have clearned and June has blessed us with the rays of light we have become accustomed to so we can get out and do what we love. 39 % ​ Whether it be climbing, mountain biking, hiking, paddleboarding, road riding, or kayaking, we need to burn off those calories before packing them back on by partaking in this months activities. The beginning of the summer brings us the Taste of Fort Collins, FoCo Beer Week, and a two-day extravaganza we like to call "Brew Fest", or officially, the Colorado Brewers' Festival!

The Taste of Fort Collins, June 12-14th, offers a chance to really dig into this area's best food vendors & food trucks, our fantastic array of locally produced spirits, and some of our popular musical acts while also showcasing national restaurants & international acts. So... you get to experience firsthand the highlights of Fort Collins, in a fun festival atmosphere, while still incorporating the nationally recognized and favored food, drinks, and big name acts you could very well already love from back hom (Smash Mouth is playing, people). Family-friendly, but unfortunately not dog friendly, so leave the pups at home for this one.

Later this month, we have Fort Collins Beer Week, June 20-27th, touting themselves as an "unfestival" by creating a "community-wide event that will infuse a celebration of craft & community into the city's restaurants, breweries, and businesses." This, unlike most festivals, uses various venues throughout town to highlight our craft beer culture, hosting movies, talks, food pairings, giveaways, and a glorious opportunity to get to know your beers while acquainting yourself with the places they hail from. Come for the whole week & don't miss my personal favorite, the Brewers' Olympics! This opening day ceremony is full of rowdy local brewers competing in hilarious competitions and feats of strength and cleverness. A foolish and fanciful way to meet, greet, and probably laugh at (with?) the fellas & ladies who made the beer you will be sipping on!

Remember how I sad you're going to want to stay for the entire week rounding out June? Colorado Brewers' Festival ends out and extends Beer Week, held on June 27-28th. Although many beer celebrations take place these days in FoCo, this one is LEGENDARY. Brew Fest is about drinkin' beer, most likely lots of it! Let me tell you, I attended this event last year with some trepidation (too wild, maybe I'm too old, crowd too crazy..?), and I had a ridiculously good time. And yes, I did walk out of there tipsy but that could have just been a high from the most delicious beer I have ever had the pleasure of meeting in a taster... over and over (and over).

So... go, taste, and find your happiness at Brew Fest. I know I found mine, a Mexican Chocolate Stout whipped up by the beer virtuosos of Copper Kettle Brewing!

So much delicious craft beer in Fort Collins. One of the many reasons "Why We Love Fort Collins".

Photos courtesy of our lovely local brew houses (and Umami Food Truck in that first one, seriously awesome)

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