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Winter Warmer :: 2-Day Itinerary

When you come to town, you know you are going to want to drink, eat, and explore so we at the Fernweh are offering you an exclusive way to do it for half the price! What, you say? This can’t be true?! Well it is and it is called the Winter Warmer! Available at the Fernweh or online, this little gem gives you 2-for-1 bargains on drinks you would already be having, all over town, and it is only $10!!!! It literally pays for itself after 1 cocktail! And for a miniscule extra $5, get one of our very own Fernweh stemless wine glasses! Valid from now until March 1st, so stay cozy, but not dormant, with this booklet because we have weaved together a two day itinerary for your drinking endeavors. So, let’s go…

Day 1

…ok, Winter Warmer in hand, you are ready to embark on a 2-day, 2-for-1 bargain mini Fort Collins adventure! Our first stop takes us 5 miles down the main drag, College Avenue, to the far reaches of South Fort Collins to Zwei Brewing, using German beer styles as inspiration as well as sprinkling their draft board with American and Belgian brews. While Zwei is worth the 13 minute drive all in its self, the nearby area boast a great many flea markets, antique shops, and discount retail shopping so whether you head straight to the brewery or work up your thirst with some thrift shopping, or do both, heck, you could even drop the fellas off while the ladies shop, the trip will be worth it. After you/ve mastered the ability to say “Ein Bier, bitte!” in your best German accent, you are ready to move on to the next destination. Next stops... Road 34 & The Bar.

Leave your cares at the door because this is the place to hang loose, Road 34 is a bike shop, bar, and music venue with a fun atmosphere and a good selection of local pints and a raw realness you will appreciate. Right across the street, you will find “Road’s” brother bar, The Bar. Since you have strolled over from Road and are now feeling light and youthful, get ready to free that inner child because this place is full of games and good times. Ping pong, Mega Jenga, and skee ball are just a few of ways to keep you engaged and entertained!

Whether you chose swerve to the west or stay the course back north on College Avenue, we now converge back at Black Bottle Brewery in midtown Fort Collins. Black Bottle is known all over town for having some of the best brews in town, some quite fun and unique. If you are fortunate enough to arrive while they have one of their Cerealiously beers on tap, take the opportunity to drink a beer made with your one of childhood breakfast cereals! For those who veered west, this is where we end Day One, grab yourself a beer and some spectacular “Eats” and consider Warmer Day 1 conquered, pick yourself up some memory merch with your 10% discount included in the booklet.

Day 2

Alright, you’ve ventured south already, and now it’s time to say hello to the delights of North Fort Collins in our Day Two outing. We begin with the playful palate pleasing place of Funkwerks, a saison inspired taproom where people and pups mingle with mouthwatering beverages. Snack on a local MoCou cheese plate to start your expedition off right! Just mere steps away whiskey distillery Feisty Spirits, where they “believe in equal opportunity for all whiskeys”, is producing small-batch American whiskey of all types. Straight up, on the rocks, or in a cocktail, this humble tasting room will surprise you with its varied selection. Since you are in the area, a jaunt over to New Belgium Liquid Center will fulfill you with all the good feels of Fort Collins. Amongst the bustling taproom and bike paraphernalia, food trucks and families, you will might just “Find your Folly” is this taproom.

Of course every grand adventurer must recharge with some grub and we have two places right downtown to stamp your Winter Warmers and feed your bellies, Compass Cider or Pour Brothers. Both in Old Town, Compass Cider appeals to the sophisticate with their house made ciders and small but noteworthy menu. Make sure to check out their tables, made in Denver, and if you look closely, each one has a star constellation on it. (Insider tip, if you can’t guess the constellation, the answer is under the table!)

A block down the street, you may find Pour Brothers more casual menu is to your liking. Free photo booth and enormous, square, may we say gourmet ice cubes make this place a good place to grab some grub and chill...get it, big ice cubes…chill…but seriously, totally chillerific! If you’ve got one more stop in you, the Downtown Artery can’t be missed. The Artery captures the idea of community and collaboration we FoCo folks love so much, a “vertically integrated art ecosystem” supporting local artists and goods. You will also find a café, bar, art gallery, and music venue. If you catch the right night, the Winter Warmer also gets you 2-for-1 concert tickets for all shows under $10!

“Get up and dance, get up and smile, get up and drink to the days that are gone in the shortest while.” ~ Simon Fowler

Did we mention Fort Collins has Uber???

And with that, we bid you good night, our fearless Winter Warmer adventurers!


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