The Fort Collins Wine Scene

It’s no secret that Fort Collins is something of a Microbrew Mecca. Beer is woven into our culture and at the forefront of restaurant guides and town branding. But what about wine? We rarely talk about it unless someone is making a joke about Franzia or its Girl’s Night and we are watching the Bachelor. So let’s talk about it. I tend to be more of a brewery patron myself, but that doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy a good ol’ glass of fermented grape juice now and again. Here are some of my favorite spots to grab a glass of wine when I’m feeling particularly classy, refined or scholarly. Café Vino: Perhaps one of the most popular wine venues in Fort Collins, Café Vino has the widest selection in to

The Good, The Bad, and The Somewhat True; Tackling hostel myths

Maybe you are a hostel hopping pro. Maybe you've never stayed at one before. Maybe you were about to and then someone talked you out of it. Whoever you are, you've probably heard some thoughts and opinions on hostels, both good and bad. Perhaps you've even run across one of the internet's wildly inaccurate articles painting all hostels with the same broad, unsanitary brush (I won't name names or point fingers but I'm looking at you HuffPost). To be fair, hostel stereotypes are not born of thin air, but there are thousands of hostels in operations so let's not be so eager to lump all of them together. Below you will find what I have found to be the four most common hostel myth, some tricks fo

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