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Commandment 1:

"Put no means of transport before thy bike."

As stated by the Mothership herself, the home and heart of it all, New Belgium Brewing.

This, folks, is how we begin our Tour de Fat.

In our humble yet knowledgeable (we like to think!) opinion, there is no greater merriment that this town sees once a year than TOUR de FAT! This is the holiday which we hold sacred and reverent, the inspiration for adulation and adoration of young and old, a pandemonium of riders and costumers beautifully coming together in harmony and love for all things BIKES and BEER.

In a mere couple days, thousands upon thousands of bike lovers and beer consumers will hop on their two wheeled steeds and take part in one of the greatest parades this world has ever seen and we here at the Fernweh will be there with bells on...and wigs, tutus, sequins, tights, and all other forms of outragous outerwear expression.

What began as a bunch of bike loving of the New Belgium Brewing (NBB) gang having a good time all those years ago, has bloomed into a nationwide celebration designed to promote awareness of bikes as a sustainable and fun form of transport, as well as, in NBB's words "honoring humankind's greatest invention." For those who are unfamiliar, the day begins with a massive bike parade; last year's Fort Collins parade had more than 25,000 participants, and culminates in a day of hullabaloo, hoopla, and jubilation for all!

NBB's organizers and fun facilitators, called "carnies", hold host to a multitude of ways to enjoy your love of bikes with your fellow parade attendees. The after party is full of beer (of course, and rumor is there will be a special brew available called "Carnie Blood!"), music, caberet, "death defying" comedy, games only the delightfully twisted minds of the carnies could concoct, contests that will raise your capacity to laugh at yourself, prizes which will inspire you to partcipate in said contests, a car-bike trade-in extravaganza, and so much joy you beer cup will overfloweth!

On this day New Belgium is known for their free style, spirited search for happiness, but what should equally be known is how highly respected and valued they are for their community and environmental practices. NBB works towards creating a better world through their community involvement and sustainable business practices, Tour de Fat is no different; all money raised by 2015 Fort Collins Tour de Fat will go directly to Fort Collins beloved bike advocating nonprofits, Overland Mountain Bike Club, Bike Fort Collins, and Fort Collins Bike Co-op.

Now that you are in the know, time is of the essence for this magnificent event to take place mere days from now, our dear pedal-powered friends! So gather your costumes and your merry band of riders and meet us at the beginning of this wild ride we call Tour de Fat!

And remember.... we have a freaking Costume Collection at the Fernweh.


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