The MISH :: "Why We Love Fort Collins"

Waking up in Fort Collins always feels like a blessing. Sunshine greets you as it peeks through the curtains, the crisp mountain air perks up your senses as you step outside and take in the green greatness which abounds the city, and your heart fills with joy and excitement as your mind starts reeling with all the incredible ways you can fill your day. As summer comes around, so does one of our best loved, most prized ongoing happenings... summer concerts at the Mish! Officially known as the Mishawaka Amphitheatre, the Mish is a one-of-a-kind outdoor music venue cached away in the Poudre River Canyon. And it's about to go off starting with local all-stars, our favorite, Head for the Hills

May Baskets of Beer

May Day, in my childhood, meant May baskets hung by my mother on our bedroom door while we sleep. Never were we clever enough to catch her and be rewarded with a kiss, as tradition holds, but were always pleasantly surprised to wake and find a spring basket full of goodies. This May Day brings a different kind of goodie, the adult kind, the kind Fort Collins is famous for…beer! One of Fernweh’s most beloved breweries, Horse & Dragon Brewing, turns one on May 1st and they are celebrating all weekend! And the birthday “gifts” are in the form of tours, cupcakes, staff sing-a-longs (yep, you read that right), free H&D merchandise, and the return of the mind-blowing, mouthwatering, Maracuyá IP

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