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FoCo Cafe :: Fernweh Hostel's "Why We Love Fort Collins" Series

We at the Fernweh finished cleaning the hostel a bit early today so we decided to go for an afternoon jaunt around Fort Collins (on bikes of course) before our 11 wonderful new guests check in tonight. It’s 80 degrees and it’s March. How could we not take advantage of this perfect biking weather?

Hunger struck us hard & we’ve been hearing so much buzz about the Foco Café lately, so we cruised on down to Maple Street for lunch there. Let me tell you... great decision.

FoCo Café’s mission is to build community by providing nutritious and delicious meals to the people of Fort Collins regardless of their ability to pay while using mostly local, organic, and sustainably grown ingredients. That’s right. It’s a non-profit, pay-what-you-can, volunteer-if-you-can, kind of place. That offers awesome non-GMO, organic meals to the community. What an amazing concept.

What we ate:

-Sweet potato quinoa salad

-Greens with apples, red onion, and pecans with a Dijon vinaigrette

-Gingered carrot soup

-Coconut curry veggie soup

-Corn muffins

-Carrot cake muffins

-Plus...local Happy Lucky’s iced tea

This meal was healthy, filling, and simply incredible, especially considering its pay-what-you-will nature. It resonates so well with us here at the hostel because of our seemingly similar ideals for business. We believe in offering an affordable product and service to folks, without EVER having to sacrifice quality. We believe people deserve something wonderful, and shouldn’t have to fork over an arm & a leg for it. We also strongly believe in building community, which FoCo Café is all about too.

Both the FoCo Café & the Fernweh Hostel could go the easy route by offering our guests & community “cheap lodging” or a “cheap meal” but that’s where we set ourselves aside from the others. We’ll never sacrifice what we think is right. We’ll always offer a quality product no matter what the price is.

After lunch, we had about a ½ hour to kill before check-ins so we of course headed to Equinox Brewing for a beer on the patio. Nothing like a locally brewed beer after a locally grown lunch on two sunny, breezy patios. And why we love Fort Collins.

FoCo Café is open 11-2 Monday-Saturday & is on 225 Maple St. Equinox Brewing is on 133 Remington Street. Both a 5-minute bike ride from the Fernweh Hostel. Cheers.

XO Kelsey

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