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Fort Collins Patio Drinking + Day Hiking <3

The sun has been shining, bright yellow daffodil blooms abound, and flip-flops have made their way out of hibernation and onto the streets! April is here, folks, and we couldn’t be happier! Spring is a joyous time no matter where you live but especially here in Fort Collins because we know how to make the best of marvelous weather! With an abundance of natural areas to explore on foot or two wheels, a plethora of patios to be sat on while sipping a locally brewed tasty beverage or munching on some delicious fare, or doing some window shopping in our entrancing Old Town, there is plenty to do while enjoying the weather! We’ve compiled some of our top choices for making the most of springtime in Fort Collins. So pack light, it’s warm here, stay for a day or a week, we promise you’ll love it! We sure do.

As you probably already know, Fort Collins loves its beer, whether we are making it or drinking it. What pairs well with a frosty beverage? I’ll give you a hint, I’ve already mentioned it…yep, you guessed it, patios! Now any good resident knows the way to savor an afternoon of Colorado sunshine is bikes, beer, and a patio…or two or three! Now there are many, many to choose from so let the seasoned Fernweh veterans direct you to our favs because they are for a reason. Any drinker worth their salt knows the key to a good day is a full stomach so start with a healthy, delicious brunch and a “Funny Bunny Mimosa” at Rainbow Restuarant, all vegetarian but you won’t miss a thing with this luscious menu. Rainbow has a large, whimsical, garden style patio, perfect for spring.

Alright, your belly is full and you are on the road, now since Fernweh loves our dogs and yours, our patio bests from here on out are pup friendly! O'Dell Brewing Company has one of the largest, most pleasing patios around, complete with fire ring and food trucks. And while you are in the area, hit up New Belgium Brewery for a game of Rolle Bolle and for the adventures, I highly recommend tasting the Lips of Faith series beers. Your taste buds will excite with the unusual but magnificently brilliant concoctions. Keep the dogs with you because they are welcome in the tap room and on the patio. To round out the day, you will find a calm, cozy patio for two and four legged friends, with exemplary beer offerings, at The Forge Publick House. Tucked hidden away in an Old Town alley, this gem gives respite to weary (brewery) travelers with dim lights, cuddly couches, a pillow filled patio, and a relaxed & friendly staff ready to help you find your way to through the captivating maze which is their beer list.

While we do love our beer, it’s not all we’re about so let’s talk spring hikes and rides. To take advantage of the warm sunshine but cooler weather, Hewlett Gulch Trail is perfect for the novice hiker or experienced mountain biker. Wide open trail crosses streams, passes through recovering (from fire) forest, and winds up and up to provide 360 degree views of the area. Hewlett Gulch can be found in the Poudre Canyon, just a quick half hours’ drive. If a flat road is more your style, the Poudre River Trail is a 21 mile paved trail perfect for walking, rollerblading,

skating, biking, and exploring. As you can gather from the name, the trail drifts alongside the Poudre River when possible, providing an intimate connection with our treasured river without even leaving town. The fastest way to reach the trail is to head straight north and if you have kiddos in tow, it is a great opportunity to stop by Lee Martinez Farm where farm animals and children can literally see eye to eye at this farm and petting zoo. The farm and adjacent park are within sight of the trail, passed by if you are traveling from Fernweh.

Alright, looking forward to seeing all of you both here at Fernweh as well as out and about! Happy Spring!

XO Cassie @ the Fernweh

Photos: Daffodils in the Fernweh kitchen, a 5 Barrel on the Odell Patio with Cash, & the Hewlett Gulch Trail with pups and girlfriends. Have we mentioned we love dogs and beer?

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