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Foco's 4 Best Veggie Food Joints

We all know how hard it can be to find a good bite to eat when you’re a vegetarian or vegan! It can get especially tricky when you are visiting a city you’ve never been before. But fear not! Fort Collins has some really amazing restaurants that can accommodate many different types of diets, especially vegan and vegetarian. As a vegan that has been living in Fort Collins for 5 years now, I am going to share with you some of my favorites around town.

Let’s start with breakfast; it is the most important meal of the day after all. Whenever I'm in the mood to grab a filling breakfast before a day full of adventures, I go to the Rainbow Restaurant. This cafe is in a beautiful house that has been renovated into a restaurant with a comfortable atmosphere. Rainbow serves breakfast and lunch until 2 pm everyday. They offer a diverse menu that can accommodate almost any type of diet. They also have options for nonvegetarians, vegans, and gluten free folks as well! I have never gotten a dish there that I have not liked!

Next, we move onto lunch. We've recently discovered the new Foco Café and could not love it more! This is a non-profit style café that allows you to set the price on your lunch! The Foco Café is passionate about what they do and make amazing food that is, for the most part, vegetarian, non-gmo, organic, and the like. They make hearty soups and fresh salads that satisfy any types of mid-day cravings.

If I am looking for a heavier meal for lunch, I stop by Avogadro’s Number. This is an awesome restaurant only a couple blocks away from the Fernweh that has live music most days of the week. I try to stop in on Tuesdays to catch their “2 for 1 special” on tempeh burgers because they are delicious, filling, and cheap! In fact, Avo's deserves a blog all to itself -- they've got a lot goin on and we love it. They're a restaurant on one side, a bar on the other, they have a music venue between the two, and then the BEST back patio in town complete with a treehouse, stage, water feature, and more. Kid friendly, dog friendly, and on top of it they have the best bloodies in town.

As for dinner, Tasty Harmony is the mothership for vegan and vegetarian entrees. When I discovered Tasty Harmony, this place reassured me that I could still eat amazingly delicious food without meat! They use fruits and vegetables from all over to create dishes that will blow your taste buds away! I love to start off with a plate of their smoked jackfruit vegan nachos (seriously tastes like pulled pork) paired with a microbrew from around town. I would recommend an entrée but I can't pick a favorite yet since everything is so good! I even took my carnivorous Dad there for dinner a couple weeks ago and he would not stop raving about it. Give it a try, you will NOT be disappointed.

All this talk about food has me craving a bowl of pumpkin apple curry soup from the FoCo Cafe for lunch now. ADDED BONUS... All of these places are in Old Town and within walking distance from the Fernweh! Bon Appetit!

XOXO Fernweh

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